Action For Hope

Action for Hope is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 to provide cultural development and cultural relief programs that meet the cultural, social and psychological needs of distressed, marginalized and displaced communities. In Lebanon, the organisation collaborates with municipalities, youth clubs, schools and NGOs. In Jordan, they work with Crescendo Arts and Music Academy, a private music centre, and with Tajalla, a small NGO that has a focus on traditional music. In Iraq and Sudan, they collaborate with local NGOs and some international organizations such as UNESCO. Action for Hope leads Landscapes of Hope, an international network of 25 civil society organizations that aims at enhancing collaboration across different civil society sectors.

Grant History

SRT has supported Action for Hope since 2020.
Current grant: £80,000 over 1 year
Grant start: 1st August 2020

Located in Lebanon
Working in Jordan Lebanon Syria
Programmes Arts