Highland Cycle Ability

The Highland Cycle Ability Centre (Watermill Foundation) is located in the Scottish Highlands, and boasts 1.3km of cycling track through scenic countryside with a range of specially-adapted bikes, trikes, tandems, bucket bikes and running bikes. The Centre caters to mainly young people with physical and learning disabilities, including those with compromised use of their lower limbs. Every year youngsters attend the Centre or Outreach visits for over 3,000 supported rides. Riders report their cycling experiences leave them feeling fitter, happier, more confident, sociable, and better able to communicate their emotions. Cycling has been shown to be generally beneficial to those of all ages and abilities. For those with disabilities who are more likely to be physically inactive and more socially isolated, cycling has been shown to increase wellbeing, health, confidence, as well as to generate a sense of independence and agency.

Grant History

SRT has supported Highland Cycle Ability since 2019.
Total funds received: £10,000
Current grant: £5,000 over 1 year
Grant start: 1st November 2020

Located in United Kingdom
Working in United Kingdom