Hostage UK

Founded in 2004 by Terry Waite CBE and Carlo Laurenzi OBE, Hostage UK provides personal support and specialist services to the families of hostages during and after a kidnap, and to returning hostages. It draws on a team of experts including psychologists, psychiatrists, lawyers, financial advisors and communications specialists, all of whom give their time on a voluntary basis. Hostage UK does not get involved in resolving kidnaps and does not advise on negotiations or ransom payments, but it does seek to provide families with information and support throughout the incident that will help them to cope with the difficult circumstances. In addition to its free support services for families and hostages, it offers education and training for organisations on family support and hostage reintegration, and advocates for improved government and organisational policy and practice on hostage issues.

Grant History

SRT has supported Hostage UK since 2018.
Total funds received to date: £30,000
Current grant: £30,000 over 1 year
Grant start: 1st February 2018


Located in: United Kingdom
Working in: United Kingdom

Programmes: Miscellaneous Fund