Founded in 2012, Iranti uses the media as a platform for critical engagement, mobilisation, and reframing perceptions for advocacy interventions on the rights of lesbians, transgender and intersex (LTI) people. It seeks to reduce stigma and discrimination, with a focus on systemic and interpersonal violence experienced by lesbians, transgender and intersex persons. It supports local and regional LTI organisations in Africa to document human rights violations, develop evidence-based materials, and produce media to change attitudes about sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. In collaboration with LTI groups across Africa, particularly in South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and Uganda, Iranti and its partners use strategies such as high level advocacy and media campaigns messaging to hold the state accountable.

Grant History

SRT has supported Iranti since 2020.
Total funds received: £75,000
Current grant: £75,000 over 1 year
Grant start: 1st August 2020

Located in South Africa
Working in International
Programmes LGBTI Rights