La Maraña/Las Nietas de Nonó

La Maraña is a woman-led, participatory design and planning non-profit that promotes the inclusion and empowerment of Puerto Rican voices in the design and creation of cities and communities. Las Nietas de Nonó is an art collective composed of two afro-diasporic sisters, mulowayi iyayi nonó and mapenzi chibale nonó. They are multimedia artists that explore theater imaginary as a way to investigate and reflect on the complexities of spirituality, violence, race and migration in the context of their practice. La Maraña and Las Nietas de Nonó are working together in San Antón as a part of a group of six intergenerational women who came together after the government shut down the community’s sole public school. Combining artistic resistance, sustainable agriculture and alternative schooling with local talents, they are aiming to transform the empty structure into a community centre for art, culture and healing, alongside intergenerational education and community organising.

Grant History

SRT has supported La Maraña/Las Nietas de Nonó since 2020.
Total funds received to date: £90,000
Current grant: £90,000 over one year
Grant start: 1 January 2020

Located in United States
Working in United States
Programmes Arts