NGO Center Women’s Perspectives (West Ukrainian Center)

Registered in 1998, the West Ukrainian Center “Women’s Perspectives”, based in Lviv, is a regional women’s organisation that combines service provision to victims of gender-based violence with legal advocacy, research and training. Its mission is to protect women’s rights and ensure equal rights and opportunities for women and men in all spheres of public life. With a focus on domestic violence and human trafficking, the Center monitors, campaigns on and builds state capacity for a range of victim support services. It does this through trainings for the police, prosecutors and judges, providing legal and psychological assistance, and conducting strategic litigation. The Center also promotes the use of international human rights standards, supports women at individual and state authority level to exercise political leadership, and builds the capacity of civil society organisations to integrate a gender perspective into their work.

Grant History

SRT has supported the West Ukrainian Center since 2015.
Total funds received to date: £270,000
Current grant: £135,000 over 3 years
Grant start: 1st January 2019

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