Neighbors in Action/Center for Court Innovation

Neighbors in Action (formerly known as the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center), a part of Center for Court Innovation, is a neighbourhood organisation in Brooklyn, New York, with the goal of building safer and healthier communities, established in 2002. Neighbors in Action seeks to demonstrate how places with high levels of violent crime and under-investment can become peaceful, vibrant communities through the collaborative efforts of residents, non-profit organizations, businesses, elected officials, artists and faith-based leaders. Neighbors in Action have six strands to their work: Promoting Safety, Organising, Healing, Helping Neighbors, Investing in Youth and Placemaking. They plan to develop communities where violence is neither needed nor wanted and to increase citizen autonomy and decision-making capabilities.

Grant History

SRT has supported Neighbors in Action since 2019.
Total funds received to date: £330,000
Current grant: £255,000 over 3 years
Grant start: 1st July 2020

Located in United States
Working in United States
Programmes Arts