The Small Initiatives Programme for North African Civil Society Organisations (PPI OSCAN)

The Small-scale Initiatives Programme for North African Civil Society Organisations, known by its French acronym PPI OSCAN, was established in 2014. Hosted by the Mediterranean office of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, or IUCN Med, and operating across Algeria, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia, PPI OSCAN seeks to strengthen the technical, administrative and financial capacity of emerging environmental civil society. It does this through providing small grants for conservation projects; building grantee administrative, technical and financial competence; and facilitating experience sharing and networking at national and regional levels.

Grant History

SRT has supported PPI OSCAN since 2021

Total funds received to date: £750,000
Current grant: £750,000 over 3 years
Grant start: 1 June 2021

Located in Spain
Programmes Conservation