Post-Conflict Research Centre

Established in 2011 in Sarajevo, the Post-Conflict Research Centre aims to restore a culture of peace and prevent violent conflict in the Western Balkans, with a focus on Bosnia-Herzegovina. The organisation advances peace education, transitional justice, post-conflict reconciliation, and atrocity prevention. To this end, it draws on creative multimedia and utilises innovative tools and platforms across film, photography, the arts and digital media. The Centre also engages in storytelling, undertakes educational programmes and facilitates research initiatives with its on-the-ground expertise. Throughout the Centre’s programmes, the organisation employs participatory approaches and places emphasis on youth activism and empowerment.

Grant History

SRT has supported Post-Conflict Research Centre since 2020.
Total funds received to date: £40,000
Current grant: £40,000 over one year
Grant start: 1 January 2020