Socio-Economic Rights Institute

The Socio-Economic Rights Institute (SERI) is a Johannesburg-based organisation working to assist individuals, communities and social movements in their efforts towards the progressive realisation of the socio-economic rights promised in the South African constitution. SERI organises its work into three thematic areas: Housing and Evictions; Access to Basic Services; and the Defence of the Political Space. It conducts applied research, engages with government, advocates for policy and legal reform, facilitates civil society coordination and mobilisation, and litigates in the public interest (the SERI Law Clinic is registered as a public interest law centre).

Grant History

SRT has supported SERI since 2013.
Total funds received to date: £400,000
Current grant: £300,000 over 3 years
Grant start: 1st February 2014


Located in: South Africa
Working in: South Africa