The Safety Lab

Founded in 2012, Safety Lab aims to identify, evaluate and test innovative solutions to vommunity violence in South Africa’s Western Cape; it forms part of the provincial Government’s wider strategy to create safe, secure, and resilient communities. Safety Lab focuses on gang violence and local crime. Based on a partnership between the Economics Department and the Centre for Criminology at the University of Cape Town, the organisation positions rich data and rigorous research at the heart of its approach. The Safety Lab team analyses and contextualizes diverse sources including local police records, mortuary forensics, the South African Census, and reports from the Institute for Security Studies to build an accurate picture of the on-the-ground reality facing communities. They highlight gaps in provision, missed opportunities, and work to anticipate when and where violence is next likely to occur.

SRT has supported Safety Lab since 2021.
Total funds received to date: £15,000
Current grant: £15,000 over one year
Grant start: 1st January 2021