Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health

Founded in 2003, the Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health (TICAH) is a Kenyan non-profit Trust that promotes health, including sexual and reproductive health and rights. The country currently faces numerous barriers to safe abortion, comprehensive sex and relationships education, and other protections for sexual and reproductive rights. TICAH’s work includes county and national-level campaigning and advocacy, community-based peer learning, delivering sex education classes, materials and training for ten schools and six universities, running a toll-free hotline called Aunty Jane, and co-founding and co-coordinating the cross-regional MAMA Network of 35 members in 16 African countries focused on reproductive health and rights

Grant History

SRT has supported the Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health since 2021.

Total funds received to date: £120,000
Current grant: £120,000 over 1 year
Grant start: 1st April 2021

Located in Kenya
Working in Kenya
Programmes Women's Rights