Georgian Young Lawyers' Association

Established in 1994, the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association is a membership-based NGO dedicated to protecting and promoting human rights and the rule of law in Georgia. The Association’s goals are to raise awareness of human rights amongst the public and key stakeholders, ensure access to justice and uphold human rights, and improve standards of legal education. It provides free legal assistance and representation to individuals on civil, criminal, and administrative law matters, and conducts strategic litigation in national courts and before the European Court of Human Rights, runs moot courts for law students to develop their practical experience, and operates a legal aid clinic in Tbilisi staffed by volunteer law students.

Grant History

SRT has supported the Georgian Young Lawyers' Association since 2013.
Total funds received to date: £730,000
Current grant: £300,000 over 3 years
Grant start: 1st March 2018

Located in Georgia
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