Grantee code of conduct

Trust and transparency are vital to our relationship with our grantees. We expect the organisations we support to comply with applicable laws, to respect internationally recognised human rights, and to adhere to standards which are consistent with our ethical values.

We expect our grantees to have in place policies and processes to address:

  1. Allegations of bullying, harassment, intimidation and misconduct;
  2. Protection of personal data including that of staff, beneficiaries, and funders;
  3. Safeguarding of children or vulnerable adults where an organisation’s activities involve regular contact with either group;
  4. Conflict of interest;
  5. Whistleblowing;
  6. Physical and digital security;
  7. Health and safety in the workplace.

We expect the policies to apply to all employees, volunteers and Trustees.

Reporting of breaches

We expect our grantees to communicate with the Trust regularly, and to report any problems in their operations promptly to their programme officer. Major issues such as fraud or significant breaches of safeguarding will be communicated to our Trustees. Failure to report a significant problem may be grounds to discontinue the grant.