Visual Culture Research Centre (VCRC)

Visual Culture Research Centre is a non-profit visual arts organisation, founded in Kyiv in 2008, with the ambition of making politics with art. Their programme covers grassroots activism, exhibition-making, publishing, conferences, public programmes, and debates. The collective is best known internationally for their work developing the Kyiv Biennial, and they are now collaborating with partners in Warsaw, Prague and Budapest on their respective Biennials to share ideas, strategy and knowledge, and increase international collaboration under the project East Europe Biennial Alliance. Recent exhibitions and discursive events have engaged with issues including hybrid warfare, the interaction of people with the environment and conservation, the rise of the far right and homophobia, and the political and social role of technology.

Grant History

SRT has supported Visual Culture Research Centre since 2020.
Current grant: £44,000 over 1 year
Grant start: 1st August 2020

Located in Ukraine
Working in International
Programmes Arts