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Centre for Women’s Justice (the Centre)

Founded in the UK in 2016, the Centre for Women’s Justice (the Centre) holds the State to account for failing to prevent violence against women and girls. It does so by providing pro-bono or low-bono legal assistance and support; by gathering evidence and issuing reports on systematic failings; and by undertaking strategic litigation, forcing changes in law, policy and practice. The Centre links together women’s groups, lawyers, academics, survivors, service providers and activists. It also connects with organisations working to counter violence against women internationally. The Centre runs trainings for front-line women’s sector workers, enabling them to understand common offences (domestic abuse, rape and sexual offences, or stalking and harassment), victims’ rights, case-building and the legal remedies available. Finally, the Centre brings gender-based violence to public attention, highlighting current shortcomings in the criminal justice system and advocating for meaningful change.