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Equal Education Law Centre

Founded in 2012, the EELC is a public interest law clinic working to further the struggle for education justice and redress in South Africa through legal activism, research and advocacy. The EELC’s formation was borne out of a recognition of the crucial link between legal advocacy and social mobilisation. The EELC aims to promote equitable, adequately-resourced and high-quality education in South Africa through the provision of specialised legal services and advice on matters concerning education, having particular regard to the needs of socially and economically disadvantaged persons. In particular, the EELC uses a combination of movement lawyering, community lawyering and research and advocacy to empower individuals, communities and movements, advance accountability and contribute towards the development of a capable state. Through its movement lawyering, the EELC provides daily and long-term support to one of the largest democratic, youth social movements in South Africa, Equal Education.

Update: South African education activists and schools win case for school nutrition

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