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Ferghana Valley Lawyers Without Borders

“NGO “Ferghana Valley Lawyers Without Borders” (FVLWB) is a regional non-commercial lawyer’s association in Osh, established in 2003 and today has 67 member-lawyers from countries Ferghana Valley with experience in various fields of jurisprudence. Though set up with the broad objectives of promoting human rights and rule of law, for the last ten years, they have specialized in legal identity, migration and nationality related matters across the Ferghana valley. FVLWB is the co-founder and host (coordinator) for the Central Asian Network on Statelessness (CANS) – a voluntary informal network for collaboration on the ending of statelessness in the Central Asian region which began work in 2017. The Network has 11 civil society organizations-members from 5 Central Asian countries.”