Grantee profile

Golos Svobody

Golos Svobody was established in November 2005, in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan with the aim of protecting and promoting the rule of law. This involves combating violations within the criminal justice system, as well as supporting fair and equal access to justice. Its main activities include contributing to legislative reforms, trial monitoring, and monitoring of places for deprivation of liberty. They also provide legal aid in certain cases (politically motivated charges, torture survivors, or in cases of violations against women in detention), as well as provide rehabilitation for torture survivors. Today it is a founding and leading member of the Article 9 Association, an informal coalition of human rights groups and individuals which works for the promotion and implementation of due process rights that can prevent torture and other violations. Golos Svobody is a member of Trust grantees the World Organisation against Torture (OMCT), International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims, and the International Partnership for Human Rights Defenders.