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Kosovo Women’s Network

Founded in Pristina in 2003, Kosovo Women’s Network (the Network or KWN) works to end gender-based violence and promote equality in access to education, employment, political participation, and healthcare in Kosovo through partnerships, networking, research, national and international advocacy, and grant making. The Network focuses on strengthening solidarity and diversity in the Kosovar women’s movement. With a growing membership of 153 members, the Network brings together women’s organisations working on a vast range of issues who represent all Kosovar ethnic groups across 23 (out of 27) municipalities in the country. In 2012, the Network launched the Kosovo Women’s Fund (the Women’s Fund), which provides small injections of funding to local women’s groups, particularly youth-led actors among rural and marginalised communities. In addition to grant making, the Network provides capacity building in proposal writing, financial management, research, and advocacy.