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Medicine Unboxed

Since 2009, Medicine Unboxed has convened conferences that bring the medical sciences into dialogue with the humanities and the arts. Multidisciplinary and unconventional, the organisation’s events facilitate unique conversations on vital, culturally relevant topics. Until 2018, Medicine Unboxed focused on a different core aspect of the human condition each year. In 2022, Medicine Unboxed plans to resume its annual conference with “Matter.” Held in an evocative setting, “Matter” will pay homage to the fact that a tiny, unseen particle of matter – a virus – has come to have society-wide consequences for human life, reverberating through nearly every facet of our communities, regions and countries. As in previous conferences, Medicine Unboxed will draw on a range of disciplinary approaches, from anthropology to science, from literature and the arts to meteorology and epidemiology. Lead programme curator Dr Sam Guglani is a Consultant Oncologist, known for his deft pairings and his ability to foster open dialogue between these disciplines that do not usually intersect.