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Office for Postartistic Services

The Office for Postartistic Services is a Polish initiative engaging artists with social and political movements. Now operating as a department of the Bec Zmiana foundation, they implement artistic tools and strategies outside the gallery, testing innovative methods of protest both on the streets, in the media and online. Many of their activities are inspired by examples from art history, including flags and banners, and reenactments of classic Polish conceptual art and theatre. Grown out of a countrywide network of artists and activists who have been collaborating since 2015, the network consists of over 400 artists and activists, reflecting the diverse communities of political activism in Poland today: students, antifascist protestors, refugee and migrant groups, queer and feminist activists and ecological protestors amongst others. In 2019 they coordinated the Anti-Fascist year, a unique collaboration across the country embracing public arts institutions, NGOs, political activists, artists, writers and other cultural workers, curated with the principle of grassroots organising. In April 2022 they were awarded an additional grant of £15,000 to respond to the Ukraine crisis.