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RefugePoint helps to advance lasting solutions for at-risk refugees and supports the humanitarian community to do the same. The organization works toward this mission by helping refugees work toward achieving self-reliance (with the ability to sustainably meet their own essential needs) and through resettlement and other pathways to safety such as relocation for employment, education, and family reunification. Initially, RefugePoint was founded in 2005 to help resettle and provide life-saving medical care to a group of HIV+ refugees in Nairobi, Kenya. Later that year, RefugePoint launched the Urban Refugee Protection Program, which provides a holistic range of services to urban refugees, including access to healthcare, counseling, rent and food assistance, education support, and small business grants to assist them in their journey toward self-reliance. 12,000 refugees benefit from this program on an annual basis. In 2008, RefugePoint began partnering with UNHCR to help more at-risk refugees access resettlement, and has directly assisted more than 100,000 refugees to access resettlement and other pathways to safety. RefugePoint’s Resettlement and Child Protection Experts have worked with refugees in 222 locations across 46 countries worldwide. RefugePoint also works with international bodies to facilitate training in best practices for refugee assistance and resettlement. In 2020, RefugePoint worked with 25 partnering NGOs to launch the Self-Reliance Index (SRI), the first-ever global tool to measure the progress of a refugee household on its path to self-reliance.