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Réseau Amazigh pour la Citoyenneté (AZETTA)

Amazigh Citizenship Network, otherwise known as Réseau Amazigh pour la Citoyenneté – AZETTA – was founded in 2002 to combat discrimination against the Amazigh (Berber) in Morocco and to promote their cultural rights. Its headquarters is in Rabat and it has 22 branches spread throughout Morocco. AZETTA’s activities include documenting cases of discrimination against Amazigh people; raising the awareness of civil society, political parties and state institutions of the impact of the government’s discrimination of Amazighs on their access to justice; and urging Morocco to fulfil its obligations towards the Amazigh under the relevant international human rights mechanisms to which it is a state party.

A rapid response grant of £14,000 was provided in September 2023 after the earthquake, to support the relief efforts.