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The Kharkiv and Przemysl Project (KHARPP)

The Kharkiv and Przemysl Project (KHARPP) is a grassroots initiative that was established in March 2022 on the Polish-Ukrainian border to help refugees with their immediate needs as they arrive in Poland. Due to proximity to the conflict, the organisation became aware of acute needs of both the refugees arriving, as well those still remaining within Ukraine. KHARPP now operates on two fronts. In Przemyśl, it provides direct assistance to refugees, including emergency accommodation, onward transport costs, suitcases, and hot meals. In Kharkiv, it focusses on the reconstruction effort. As of January 2023, the charity has assisted with repairs on over a hundred houses in villages north of Kharkiv, in addition to the repair of a care home and two medical clinics in the region.