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Wild Wonders Foundation

The Wild Wonders Foundation was established in 2014 in order to better resource environmental conservation communication through fundraising and sub-granting. In response to the increased hunting of large carnivores in Sweden, the Foundation has joined with the Swedish Carnivore Association (Rovdjursföreningen) and the conservation communication agency WW International to launch a multi-pronged campaign for the protection of the large carnivores in Sweden. The campaign will focus on the conservation of apex predators such as wolf, lynx, brown bear, and wolverine. The campaign will target key decision-makers through powerful visuals, alongside trustworthy and fact-based reporting, news features and opinion pieces. In tandem with the campaign, the project will lodge complaints against Sweden with the EU Commission for failing to adequately conserve these vital species. Apex predators in Sweden are today hunted down to minimum levels, whilst other EU countries strive to protect them in their countries.

While the project focuses on Sweden, it is the goal that the positive results of these actions will be felt across the EU and beyond.