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Zoukak is a non-profit association putting theatre at the heart of social and political reflection in Lebanon. It was founded in 2006 by a group of theatre-makers and directly started delivering psychosocial interventions for displaced populations and communities affected by war. Zoukak’s psychosocial interventions use theatre, writing, and acting in a therapeutic frame, helping participants in their emotional development and healing processes by using stories, role-play and imagination. The group has grown to a studio space in Beirut, whose body of work consists of more than 25 theater productions based on research cycles around an array of themes and topics challenging the status quos.

They continue to provide training programs for playwrights, actors, dancers, dramatists and other practitioners in theatre and in Drama Therapy, in addition to mentoring and supporting emerging artists. They are constantly developing frameworks for artistic intervention in emergency situations, and building the sector in Lebanon, convening practitioners regionally and internationally around themes of interest. They work, and have since the beginning, in a horizontal structure, prioritising collective creation over individual direction, and process over outcomes.