Member of banned far-right group found guilty of plot to murder Labour MP

18th July 2018: A member of a banned far-right group has been found guilty of ‘preparing an act of terrorism’ and ‘making threats to kill’ after the plot was exposed by a source working with SRT grantee Hope Not Hate. Jack Renshaw planned to murder Labour MP Rosie Cooper and a female police officer.

Two other men were also found guilty of membership of the banned neo-Nazi organisation National Action after Hope Not Hate provided evidence to the police.

The whistle-blower, Robbie Mullen, was a former member of National Action who leaked the details of the plot to Hope Not Hate in July last year.

Hope Not Hate deputy director Jemma Levene said, ‘This case should remind everyone of the ongoing threat posed by the British far right. While numerically small and splintered, the British far right is growing in violence. [The] case should also be a timely reminder about how anti-Semitism continues to be at the very heart of this movement. Renshaw was convicted earlier this year for vile anti-Semitic speeches. He told the court that he wanted to kill Rosie Cooper because she was the local representative of the Jewish-controlled state.

Society owes a debt of gratitude to Robbie Mullen for the brave work he’s undertaken, at great sacrifice to himself.’

Full story from Hope Not Hate’s website:

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