Statement: SRT cancelled grants

    All SRT grantees sign a contract binding them to certain clauses, including an agreement to avoid glorifying or promoting violence or using language that is inflammatory or discriminatory. Following the Hamas atrocities against civilians on October 7th we cancelled two grants with groups we deemed to be in breach of contract. One described the massacre of 7th October as a “quality operation”; the second (no less shockingly) expressed “pride” in the “heroic Al Aqsa Flood battle initiated by the Palestinian resistance factions against the usurping Zionist enemy” and expressed “appreciation to the fighting resistance factions” [sic].

    We also rescinded invitations to apply for further grants to three organisations, including a feminist sub granter that shortly after October 7th published a statement about the events in Israel and Gaza which concluded with the controversial sentence, “We affirm the right of all oppressed peoples to self-determine their resistance”. To morally condone atrocities against civilians is not compatible with the human rights and feminist values which inform our grant-making, and the group would not have received further funding from us.

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