Summary: Spanish court finds in favour of a lesbian couple denied fertility treatment on the basis of their sexual orientation

Spain, October 2015: SRT grantee Women’s Link Worldwide filed a lawsuit in June 2015 on behalf of a lesbian couple for damages incurred when the couple’s public hospital advised it would no longer provide IVF treatment for one of the women. This was the result of an administrative decision taken by the Spanish Ministry of Health excluding assisted reproductive treatments in the public health system for all women without a male partner.

The Spanish court found in favour of the couple in October 2015 and condemned the actions of both the Hospital Fundación Jiménez Díaz, for denying the treatment, and the Local Health Authority for discrimination. The court has now set a clear precedent, and Women’s Link is determined to ensure that the decision is thoroughly implemented to avoid this type of discrimination in future.

This couple will now have the opportunity to create the family they want, and Women’s Link are celebrating the success in court on behalf of all women who want to access assisted reproductive treatment, including single women and those in same-sex relationships.

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