About SRT

The Trustees are Sigrid Rausing (Chair), Andrew Puddephatt (Deputy Chair), Geoffrey Budlender, Hosh Ibrahim, Professor Sir Jeffrey Jowell QC, Joshua Mailman, Mabel van Oranje, Ruth Rogers and Chris Stone.

How we work

We identify new grantees through recommendations and fieldwork. Our programme officers evaluate new organisations and submit recommendations to the Trustees, who make the final decisions on grant allocations.

Only a few of our grants are ear-marked for specific projects. Many of the groups we support have relatively easy access to project funding, but may find it difficult to raise funds to cover their running costs. We believe that donors can best encourage innovation and imagination if they allow grantees to develop their own ideas.

We are politically non-partisan, and expect the same of our partners.

If you wish to let the Trust know about your work, you may send an email describing your organisation to research@srtrust.org. Programme officers review these on a regular basis, and if your organisation is of interest to the Trust they will make contact.

As a registered charity the Trust can only supports activities that can be considered as charitable according to the law of England and Wales (Charities Act 2006). For more information please consult the website of the Charity Commission.