In 2017 SRT awarded a grant to a coalition of two key Hungarian women's rights organisations: NANE (the Society for Women against Violence), and PATENT (the Society Against Patriarchy). Founded in 1994, NANE is known for its national support hotlines on sexual and domestic violence. It also conducts research and campaigning, and trains public servants such as social workers, teachers and police to work with survivors of domestic violence. PATENT was set up in 2006 to fill a gap around legal aid, strategic litigation and criminal justice expertise, and operates a legal aid hotline as well as conducting research and advocacy.

Grant History

SRT has supported the NANE/PATENT Coalition since 2017.
Total funds received to date: £120,000
Current grant: £210,000 over 3 years
Grant start: 1st December 2018

Located in Hungary
Working in Hungary
Programmes Women's Rights