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Consortium for Street Children

Founded in 1993, the Consortium for Street Children was set up as an umbrella organisation to bring together groups working with street-connected children around the world.   Today CSC has over 200 organisations in its network, operating in 111 countries worldwide, with a shared vision of a world where street-connected children’s rights are realised as they are for every other child.  CSC works with its members and other partners to transform street-connected children’s experience of the street now so that they are safer, with better access to services and a sense of belonging in their communities, while also holding States to account for meeting their obligations to street-connected children, securing their rights in the longer term.  In pursuit of these goals, CSC provides training to frontline practitioners while also advocating for the rights of this often neglected group of children.  CSC’s advocacy for street children’s rights is built on the authoritative guidance to states adopted by the UN (General Comment 21) with a particular focus on legal identity, status offences and police round-ups.