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Good Chance

Founded in the Calais “Jungle” (a former refugee camp in Northern France) in 2015, Good Chance is a performing arts group focused on migrant rights. Initially Good Chance provided opportunities for camp residents for creative self-expression, artistic co-creation, and dramatic performances to raise awareness. Since the demolition of the Jungle in 2016, Good Chance has produced theatre and public performances, some critically acclaimed, in France, the UK and internationally. In their first eight years, Good Chance has delivered 550 events globally, reaching an audience of more than one million people and involving over 750 artists, most with lived experience of displacement and migration. Their notable works include “The Walk”, involving an outsized puppet of a fictional child refugee Amal, which travelled to 70 cities across 9 countries.
Good Chance also runs a paid work experience programme for migrants in partnership with UK theatres, arts venues, production companies and other creative institutions. Finally, the group provides intensive, long-term support for displaced artists, helping them to develop their craft while offering opportunities for continued training and employment.