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Human Trafficking Justice Commission

The Human Trafficking Justice Commission is a newly conceived, innovative solution to the complex problem of human trafficking, hosted and inspired by the Wildlife Justice Commission. Like its predecessor, the new commission will rigorously investigate the criminal networks behind human trafficking in order to produce top tier dossiers of evidence. These files can then be presented to local law enforcement so that the criminals can be pursued and so that justice can be served. At the same time, the commission will navigate diplomatic channels to ensure that the political will to prosecute remains strong and uncorrupted. After 5 years in operation, the Wildlife Justice Commission has so far been instrumental in over 100 high level arrests, disseminated nearly 300 intelligence reports, and enabled the seizure of tonnes of animal contraband such as ivory, rhino horns and pangolin scales as well as live animals; it is hoped that, once established, the Human Trafficking Justice Commission will be equally impactful.