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Insight is a Ukrainian non-profit organisation established in 2008. Based in Kyiv, its main aim is to represent and promote LGBTI rights at national and international levels. Though working with all community members, the organisation has a particular emphasis on women and trans people. It undertakes advocacy for anti-discrimination and hate crime legislation, campaigns and takes cases to establish better protection for legal gender recognition, supports groups in the west, east and south of Ukraine, and runs a shelter for LGBTI people who have fled the Crimea and Eastern regions.

Awarded an additional emergency grant of £48,000 in March 2022 in response to the crisis in Ukraine. The grant will support their work to help LGBTI people escape from the frontlines and also provide food, shelter and other forms of support in various parts of the country. It will support hotlines offering psychological support, legal aid and consultations, relocation to Western Ukraine and relocation to bordering countries and for dedicated shelters for displaced LGBTI people.

Insight co-founder named as one of TIME Magazine’s Women of the Year

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