Grantee profile

Museum Crisis Center (MCC)

Founded just days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Museum Crisis Center (MCC) aims to sustain and support the country’s museum workers. Olha Honchar, Director of the “Territory of Terror” Museum in Lviv, is the driving force behind the initiative. She and the MCC team prioritise aid to small, regional museums located in Eastern and Southern Ukraine, where fighting is most intense. Without the efforts and attention of the MCC, these smaller institutions and their unique collections would be at risk of damage or even complete destruction.  Additionally, the MCC partners with Shevchenko Grove (The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, Lviv)  to supply regional museums with fireproof storage cabinets, fire extinguishers and packing materials.

The organisation were awarded an emergency grant of £20,000 in April 2022 in response to the crisis in Ukraine. This will be used to support the staff of regional museums in Ukraine, who are in turn responsible for safeguarding local collections.