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Polis Asia

Polis Asia is a think-tank founded in 2007. After producing research on a range of topics, the project Esimde (“I remember” in Kyrgyz) launched in 2018, has become the main focus of the organization. Esimde is a discussion platform which aims to promote research and engagement with the “blank pages” of the country’s history. It focuses on researching and preserving a more diverse memory of the Kyrgyz Republic covering both the Soviet period and post-independence. While part of Esimde’s work includes historical research and the collection of oral histories and materials, the organization also seeks to promote public engagement on the topics they work on through publications, exhibitions, mass media (TV, radio and social media) and other public events including in schools. Alongside Esimde, for the last 10 years Polis Asia has been running an “Academy of Civic Education” for young professionals.