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Qendra Multimedia

Founded in 2002 by a group of young artists aiming to create an alternative form of art production to address political and social issues, Qendra Multimedia is a cultural organization based in Prishtina, Kosovo. They produce theatre and performance which address difficult but important matters including nationalism, identity, immigration, LGBTQ rights, Women’s Rights and corruption. They have a notably active youth programme, using theatre as a process for dialogue, both in creating new work and embracing critical discussion as part of the impact of their programme. They also host polip, the leading literary festival in Prishtina as well as Kosovo Theatre Showcase, which seeks to cultivate connections and exchange within the local theatre scene on one side and promote that scene internationally on the other !Both these festivals gather and showcase local artist and cultural workers and serve as an exchange platform for authors and artists regionally and internationally. Literature authors, theater-makers and other cultural professionals can share their work and views, with a focus on reconciliation, regional cooperation and inter-cultural exchange.