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Tiiiit! Inc.

Tiiiit! Inc. was founded in 2011 as an informal group, by Jana Kocevska, Jana Stardelova, and Kristina Lelovac with the initial ambition of developing a new creative space in Skopje to present art by and for women. In 2014 they established themselves as a not-for-profit organisation. They produce an annual feminist festival Prvo pa žensko (Firstborn Girl), subverting a traditional local patriarchal proverb that celebrates the birth of a baby boy instead of a newborn girl – considered to be a sad event. Their work convenes artists, theoreticians, and activists in a non-exclusive space to look at the lived realities of all women, urban, rural, young, marginalised, lesbian, transgender, ethnic, and religious minorities. They are active members in national and regional networks, such as the national network JADRO Association of the independent culture scene and the regional Cultural Gender Practices network.