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Wikimedia Foundation Inc

Wikipedia is a crowd-sourced store of knowledge, supported primarily through donations. It functions as a content-based website on which users collaborate to create and edit content through a publicly available web browser or downloadable apps. Launched in 2001, it has long been one of the most widely viewed sites in the world. Previous knowledge-based collections have been in print and have tended to be expensive for the average household, using a fraction of the contributors and editors compared with Wikipedia’s model. The site allows for a broad range of contributors from a wide variety of backgrounds, who can bring an equally wide variety of experience. Roughly 250,000 volunteers edit Wikipedia every month. Moderators and senior editors review changes made to pages covering controversial items, for example political conflicts, or the entries for leading politicians. SRT’s grant contributes to Wikimedia Foundation’s endowment fund, which serves to keep the site online and available to the public free of charge.