Combatting discrimination in Ukraine

No Borders is a project of the Social Action Centre, a Kyiv-based NGO that advocates for equality for LGBTI people, persons with disabilities, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees, Roma people and others facing discrimination in Ukraine. The centre works through public awareness campaigns, educational programmes, policy advocacy and strategic litigation. In partnership with other NGOs, it runs professional educational programmes for lawyers, enabling them to represent victims of hate crimes and discrimination. 

The centre have won several strategic cases to address discrimination based on health status, IDP status and other grounds. They also conduct research on Ukrainian anti-discrimination legislation, analyse implementation and develop guidelines for lawyers and the courts. 

In 2021, the centre conducted new research into the case law regarding discrimination and hate crimes in Ukraine. The research covered all cases between 2012 to 2020 and is the first comprehensive overview of the application of equality of legislation in practice of Ukrainian courts. 

The research will be presented in partnership with the Ombudsman office and Ukrainian School of Justice in November 2021 and will contribute to policy recommendations, development of training curricula for lawyers, attorneys and judges, as well as improved understanding of the nature and scope of discrimination and the state response in this area.


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