Statement: SRT cancels grants

    SRT grant agreements prohibit our funds from being used for unacceptable political activities or for campaigning in a doctrinaire, partisan or propagandist manner. Our grantees must not glorify or promote violence of any kind, or use language that is inflammatory or discriminatory, and we retain the right to suspend or cancel the grant if those terms and conditions have been broken.   

    Deeply concerned by the significant loss of civilian lives during the atrocities of 7th October and the bombardment and siege of Gaza which followed, we have reviewed the social media and website communications of all our grantees. A small number of them had issued statements which contravene our terms and conditions by legitimising or even celebrating Hamas’ violent attacks against civilians, or by using de-legitimising and / or inaccurate language about Israel. We have therefore cancelled some grants, and withdrawn invitations to apply for further funding from a few other organisations.  

    None of the affected organisations are based in Israel or Palestine.

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