A Message on Tatiana Cordero, Executive Director of Urgent Action Fund Latin America

The Sigrid Rausing Trust mourns the sudden passing of Tatiana Cordero, Executive Director of Urgent Action Fund Latin America. Several of our past and current staff knew Tatiana as an indefatigable activist for women’s and LGBTI rights in Latin America, an empowering leader, and a truly kind and compassionate person. She was a highly respected and much valued thought partner for our Women’s Rights programme over the past decade.

Tatiana travelled with us across Latin America, and we are immensely grateful for all the wisdom, empathy, and care she shared with us. She remains a beacon of light and inspiration for all of us working to promote and protect human rights.

We wish Tatiana’s family and her team at the Urgent Action Fund Latin America comfort and strength at this most difficult time.

With deepest condolences and sympathy,

Staff and Trustees of Sigrid Rausing Trust

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A message from Sigrid Rausing to our grantees in Lebanon

Beirut, August 4th, 2020: we watched the news in disbelief and horror; an apocalyptic explosion destroying a city, rendering hundreds of thousands homeless. We do not yet know how many people died, and perhaps we never will. A monstrous accident, proof, as though we needed it, that humanity is capable of self-destruction without war – this is yet another chapter in that tragic catalogue of errors and neglect. We send this message to our grantees in Lebanon: we will do everything we can to help you in this terrible time. To those of you who have lost loved ones, our deepest condolences. You have been forced to witness your country disintegrate, and are forced to witness now the criminal neglect of those responsible. We stand with you, in solidarity and compassion.


It has come to our attention that hoax emails claiming to be from our chair and founder, Sigrid Rausing, have been sent to groups and individuals offering a substantial donation and inviting a response to a fraudulent contact email. We advise you to disregard the emails.

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