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Transparency International UK

Established in 1994, Transparency International UK’s (TI-UK) vision is for a world without corruption. The charity works to expose and prevent corruption and to establish robust and transparent institutions both within the UK and where the UK has influence. To give an idea of the scale of the challenge, the National Crime Agency estimates that £100 billion of dirty money passes through UK economy every year.

Informed by often ground-breaking research and evidence, Transparency International UK works with governments, business and civil society to change the systems that enable corruption to take root and leads campaigns to hold those responsible to account. This work spans corruption and the UK; Business Integrity; corruption in Global Health and in Global Defence and Security. TI-UK works closely with the global network of 100+ chapters of Transparency International to share information and conduct joint investigations into cross-border corruption. The Trust supports TI-UK’s trans-national programme tracking illicit flows of money from corrupt politicians and oligarchs abroad into the UK and British Overseas Territories.

Exposing corruption, driving change

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