New film details rehabilitation support to those impacted by war in Ukraine

After a year of war in Ukraine, our grantee The International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims, (IRCT), has produced a powerful film detailing the work its members have been doing to support the victims of war. In what is the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II, member centres of the IRCT have used their expertise in treating torture and other complex traumas to assist over 10,000 Ukrainians impacted by the Russian invasion.

The film notes that one member organisation in Romania gave psychological first aid to 4,250 refugees and helped them to access medical and legal services. It also distributed food and medicine at three Romanian border crossing points for some of the hundreds of thousands of refugees leaving Ukraine.

In Moldova, another member organisation has assisted 3,000 refugees. Support has ranged from humanitarian aid such as medicines and food, to individual psychological counselling, and cash assistance.

Medical Director Dr Lilla Hardi at an IRCT member organisation in Hungary offered these words of solidarity to Ukrainian refugees: “If you need any help, you can turn to us, we are prepared and we are on guard. And if people are coming with serious psychological wounds or losses we are also here. We receive them, we take them in. We support them with all our tools and facilities, our arms and brain and hearts, that we can offer.”

You can see the film here:


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