Transitional Justice

In the aftermath of extreme violence, states struggle to protect human rights and promote reconciliation while addressing the legacy of past violations. In this programme we support organisations which seek accountability and redress for violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, as well as truth and reconciliation initiatives. We also support the documentation of witness testimonies and their dissemination through exhibitions, museums and memorials. In the long term, we believe that such initiatives contribute to the strengthening of the rule of law and human rights in transitional societies.

Human rights defenders are increasingly at risk in many countries of the world. Even some formally democratic countries have introduced laws restricting foreign funding and other measures aimed at undermining the role of civil society. In many countries, there is a new level of uncertainty, and often underlying threats of violence or arrest. Some of our grantees, working in difficult environments, have asked us not to publicise their work for security reasons. The Trust supports one additional grantee in this programme whose details cannot be shared on this website.